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North Dakota Solid Waste and Recycling Association

Greener ND Award

The Greener North Dakota Award provides an opportunity for businesses, individuals, government entities and non-profits to receive an award for their positive environmental efforts in the following categories:

     - Recycling
     - Composting
     - Recycled Content Use
     - Waste Reduction
     - Pollution Prevention and/or Reduction
     - Renewable Energy Programs
     - and more!

Print out the Nomination Form today to nominate someone you know that has made a positive contribution to environmental efforts in North Dakota!

This award will help create a positive draw to those who are working to keep items out of North Dakota's landfills, water, air, creating jobs and more.  Nominated/awarded persons/entities will be eligible for the annual Greener ND Award to be presented at the annual ND Solid Waste and Recycling Symposium.

Minot State University's Sustainability Committee Receives 2010 Greener North Dakota Award

Although MSU's Sustainability Committee has been around for about ten years, it has been the most active in the past two years.  In 2008, the campus received a $20,000 environmental grant from Xcel Energy’s Foundation to start a recycling project on campus.  Kathy Aas from Xcel Energy states, “By developing an on-campus recycling program, the University is demonstrating their environmental leadership".  With the grant, they planned to address their campus’s need for an effective recycling program to reduce waste, provide undergraduate research and internship opportunities for students and educate students, faculty and staff about the environmental and cost savings benefits of recycling and conservation.  "With $20,000, the University will be able to purchase the necessary equipment and materials to begin an effective environmental program," said Linda Olson, chair of the humanities department and principal investigator for the grant proposal. "We are excited to engage the entire university campus this fall as we begin this endeavor."  Currently, the campus recycles office paper, magazines, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, newspaper and corrugated cardboard.  On their Web site, they have tips for their recycling procedures, recycling printer and copier cartridges and how to reduce junk mail.  The campus, separate from the committee, has participated in two separate electronics recycling events as well.  In 2010, the committee sponsored Earth Day contests on campus for posters, projects, or product presentations geared towards Earth Day or sustainability awareness, a campuswide cleanup, which included bags for both garbage and recyclables, and started programs for battery recycling and plastic bottle cap recycling.  By their commitment to prioritizing waste reduction, recycling and spreading the word about sustainability across campus, they are setting an example for campuses across the state.               

Bismarck's JCPenney Retail Store Receives 2009 Greener North Dakota Award

In August of 2008, a Trane system was installed at the Bismarck JCPenney store.  This allows the systems in the building to be brought on-line slowly which saves thousands of dollars each year in energy costs and also reduces the amount of carbon dioxide produced.  They have also replaced many of their light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs or with lower wattage bulbs if possible.  Also, all of the computers are programmed to go into a power save mode after a few minutes of non-use. 

The store's employees have also been recycling for a number of years.  These items include cardboard, plastic hangers, plastic film, plastic bags, paper and ink cartridges.  An electronic recycling program was also introduced and fluorescent bulbs, ballasts, rechargeable batteries, computers and other electronic devices are recycled instead of being landfilled.  The company uses plastic pallets that are made from recycled content which can be reused multiple times and much of the inventory is shipped in reusable shipping containers.  Photo: Gary Hanson, Store Manager, receives the award from NDSWRA member Diana Trussell with the ND Department of Health at the 2009 ND Solid Waste and Recycling Symposium.


USDA's Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center Receives 2008 Greener North Dakota Award

The USDA's Human Nutrition Research Center in Grand Forks has been recycling for a number of years.  In May of 2008, they instituted an additional pilot program. In just three months time, the single stream recycling has reduced the amount of waste significantly enough to justify reducing the amount of garbage going to the landfill by 40%. They have demonstrated how an enthusiastic individual leading the effort, hard working maintenance staff, dedicated employees, and supportive administration can play an integral role in the proper management of solid waste in North Dakota .By including all staff in their transition, this organization incorporated recycling into their everyday operations to include hauling grass for composting, single stream recycling, office paper recycling, and cardboard recycling. The Center continually strives to recycle, prevent pollution, manage their waste and include their employees in the vision, thereby providing a strong commitment to their environment. By their commitment to prioritizing waste reduction, pollution prevention and employee education, the advantages reach beyond their walls to demonstrate how each person and each business or agency can make a difference.  NDSWRA Secretary-Treasurer LeahRae Amundson (second from right) presented employees (from left) Gerald Combs, Jr., PhD (Director), Kay Keehr (Lab Technician) and David Allard (Safety & Environmental Officer) with the award.  


Marvin Windows & Doors of Grafton, ND Receives 2007 Greener North Dakota Award

In January 2007, Marvin Windows & Doors of Grafton received the NDSWRA's Greener North Dakota Award for their outstanding waste reduction/reuse efforts.  Nominated by an employee at Marvin, Marvin recycles consumer recyclables and industrial materials such as wood, light bulbs, shrink wrap, aluminum and scrap metal and much more.  They have diverted more than 5 million pounds of wood byproduct since opening their facility in 1998.  When they converted from propane powered forklifts to electric ones this not only reduced indoor air pollutants but it created an energy savings at the same time.  Marvin provides their employees with education regarding their recycling and waste reduction and pollution prevention message and makes it a priority of their business.  NDSWRA Vice-President Brenda Watt (right) presented Marvin employees Shane Schereck (left) and Todd Brady (center) with the award.  See the official press release.  Marvin also won the 2007 Annual Greener ND Award.


Mary Aldrich Receives 2006 Greener North Dakota Award

The 2006 Annual Greener North Dakota Award was presented to Mary Aldrich of MinnKota Recycling.  Mary has demonstrated great strides in North Dakota’s recycling scene. She has been with our organization from the beginning…the mid-90’s.  From her Wahpeton days to managing a major regional recycling facility; from founding member to the Association’s Executive Director, Mary has brought knowledge, experience and her zest for both life AND the lifecycle of all products from start to finish.  Propelling the Association forward over the past 11 years; setting an example that all of us can recycle --- networking is her forte.


Integrity Windows and Doors of Fargo Receives 2005 Greener North Dakota Awardpicture of integrity representative receiving award

In July 2005, Integrity Windows and Doors received the NDSWRA's Greener North Dakota Award for their outstanding recycling and waste reduction/reuse efforts.  Nominated by an employee at Integrity, Integrity recycles consumer recyclables such as aluminum cans, office paper, magazines and plastic bottles as well as cardboard, metal strapping and shrink wrap materials generated in their production area.  They use a water-based HAP-free paint and work towards reducing hazardous waste generation.  They also actively pursue wood reuse and/or recycling to avoid landfilling materials.  NDSWRA Board Members Terry Horst and Angela Boeshans awarded the business with a certificate (pictured at right) and the NDSWRA selected Integrity as the 2005 Annual Greener ND Award recipient which was awarded at the September 2005 Annual Conference.   


Emerado, ND Business Receives the Greener North Dakota Award

In March 2005, Berger Enterprises received the NDSWRA's Greener North Dakota Award for their outstanding recycling and waste reduction/reuse efforts.  Nominated by an employee at Berger, Berger Enterprises salvaged and reused materials from the demolition of housing units at the Grand Forks Air Force Base.  The materials were used to help fix and repair other homes on the base; the concrete was also crushed and reused for base material in roads and new housing units at the AFB.  Berger also created jobs for those who were removing the salvage materials.  NDSWRA Board Member Mark Doyle awarded the business with a certificate at the recent Inert Landfill Workshop in Grafton.  Berger now be eligible for the Annual Greener ND Award to be awarded at the September 2005 Annual Conference.  See the official press release

Harvey, ND Businesses Receive the Greener North Dakota Award

In January 2005, Harvey's True Value Hardware, Ralph's Super Value and Ben Franklin stores received the NDSWRA's Greener North Dakota Award for their outstanding recycling efforts.  Nominated by member HAV-IT Recycling, a non-profit recycling company that provides recycling services in the Harvey area, Kent Belland, ND's Pollution Prevention Coordinator awarded the businesses with certificates.  These businesses will now be eligible for the Annual Greener ND Award to be awarded at the September 2005 Annual Conference.  See the official press release




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Disclaimer: This information is provided by the NDSWRA as a public service and is not an endorsement of specific businesses or organizations.